By evolution of the technology, environment of the HealthCare begins to greatly change. Recently medical finance, the medical policy greet a turning point in Japan where an elderly person occupies approximately 30% of whole population. “IT” attracts big expectation to improve quality of the HealthCare and the IT market of the HealthCare industry is expected to spread in future. “HealthCare IT 2018” is an event attracting attention most to suggest the highest IT to a medical institution, pharmaceutical products, the medical equipment industry.

Show Name
HealthCare IT 2018
18(Wed)-20(Fri) April , 201810:00-17:00
Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Center, East Hall 6
UBM Japan Co.,Ltd.


▶ CPhI Japan : for pharmaceutical ingredients
▶ ICSE Japan : for contract manufacturing and services
▶ P-MEC Japan : for pharmaceutical and laboratory machinery, technology and equipment
▶ BioPh Japan : for biopharmaceutical development and services
▶ InnoPack Japan : for pharmaceutical packaging and drug delivery systems
▶ MEDTEC Japan 2018
▶ Electro Med Japan 2018
▶ Smart Health Japan 2018
▶ Care・Welfare Robot&Device Expo 2018
▶ Test Kit Japan 2018

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IT systems , application ,services for healthcare industry

▶ IoT
▶ AI
▶ Big Data, Data analysis
▶ Database service
▶ Mobile
▶ Security
▶ Robot Technology

▶ Data Management
▶ CRM,SFA, Marketing Automation
▶ Web solution,
▶ Telecommunication
▶ Voice recognition ,synthesis
▶ Image processing
▶ Consultant


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▶ Hospital
▶ Therapy facility
▶ Insurance pharmacy
▶ Pharmaceutical company
▶ Drug discovery service
▶ Medical device company
▶ Wholesaling (drug, medical device)
▶ Public research organization
▶ Academia




  • ジャパン ライフサイエンスウィーク

  • CPhI Japan
  • ICSE Japan 製薬業界受託サービスエキスポ
  • P-MEC Japan 医薬品原料 機器・装置展
  • BioPh Japan バイオファーマジャパン
  • InnoPack Japan DDS・医薬品包装展
  • ファインケミカルジャパン
  • MEDTEC Japan
  • Electro Med Japan 医療用エレクトロニクス展
  • Smart Health Japan 医療・ICT・在宅医療展
  • Test Kit Japan 検査キット完成品&開発展
  • Care ・Welfare Robot Expo Japan 介護・福祉ロボット開発展



Create better health, better life
HealthCare IT 2018
18(wed)-20(fri) April,2018
Tokyo Big Sight East Hall 6
UBM Japan Co.,Ltd.

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HealthCare IT Secretariat
UBM Japan Co.,Ltd.

TEL: +81-3-5296-1020


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