Seminar program

Nora Kaarela

Business Finland
Invest in Finland
Head of Industry, Health & Wellbeing
Nora Kaarela

F-1 18.Apr (Wed) 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Advancements in personalized health care in Finland

Finland is a leader in value-for-money healthcare, a result of investments for decades in health-related science and research, as well as in infrastructures and extensive public healthcare system. The combination of our world-class biobanks, extensive healthcare registries and the innovation-friendly legislations created a highly competitive environment for developing data-driven personalized health care.

Dr Andree Bates

Dassault Systemes Biovia Corp.
BIOVIA Scientific R&D Development Senior Manager
Leo Bleicher

E-2 18.Apr (Wed) 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Towards tailor-made drugs with AI-driven drug design

BIOVIA is changing the process of designing of a new drug from an artisan procedure executed by experts into an automated, AI-driven practice that can be put in the hands of discovery scientists. Using machine learning techniques and knowledge-based structural engineering, small molecule and biologics therapeutics are designed a priori based on the desired activity, ADME-Tox profile, target-ligand affinity, and PKPD characteristics. This results in lead compounds that are truly ‘tailor-made’ and can be discovered in a fraction of the time it would have taken with traditional methods.

Dr Andree Bates

Dr Andree Bates

C-17 20.Apr (Fri) 12:30 PM - 13:45 PM

How Big data and AI is changing pharmaceutical sales and marketing

While expectations for artificial intelligence are high, few pharma have mastered integrating this effectively into their business fully, and many who want to, do not fully understand the work that lies ahead. The implications of this dynamic inform how pharma can establish competitive advantage and shape value creation in their sectors.

Dr Andrée Bates will show why the changes in the current pharma environment are perfectly suited to utilizing Artificial Intelligence in pharma sales and marketing for stronger measurable financial results right now.

Dr Bates will also share fascinating applications of AI in pharma sales and marketing teams, drawn from real life projects in pharma, showing how it has already been successfully used in pharma sales and marketing across a range of areas including from pricing for value, faster reimbursement, personalised sales and marketing, new patient identification, KOL identification, precision physician targeting, and next best action modelling in multi-channel marketing.

Natasha Gulati

Industry Manager,
Digital Health,
Transformational Health
Natasha Gulati

A-15 20.Apr (Fri) 12:45 PM - 13:45 PM

Role of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing in Healthcare Services

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cognitive computing are expected to generate savings over $150 billion for the healthcare industry by 2025. AI impacts all industry stakeholders, including governments, payers, providers, med tech companies, pharmaceuticals and consumers. Investments in start-ups, pilots and new solution development are growing rapidly with the potential to introduce new models of care delivery, enable collaboration across industry stakeholders and empower patients to play a greater role in managing their own health. However, considerable concerns and apprehensions persist amongst end-users, especially amongst medical practitioners. Thus, it becomes critical for solution providers to understand the most urgent market needs so that they can demonstrate the value of AI. In this presentation Frost & Sullivan will highlight the biggest Growth Opportunities for AI and cognitive computing in healthcare delivery along with examples of innovative solutions and business models.




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