Seminar program

Ms. Heidi Tikanmäki

Business Oulu
Key Account Director, Life Science
Ms. Heidi Tikanmäki

B-7 20.Apr (Thu) 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

Innovations from Finland - OuluHealth boosts medtech and Life Science business opportunities with new 5G-technology

Oulu itself is widely known for its OuluHealth unique ecosystem concept, which brings together researchers, public sector institutions and business for intensive collaboration. Oulu is the first city to test this next generation network in the hospital environment.
The aim is to combine cutting edge technology and health in order to accelerate innovation in the healthcare sector, as well as provide new opportunities for companies to boost their business in health tech.

Ms. Patricia (Patty) Mechael

Personal Connected Health Alliance(PCHA)
Executive Vice President
Ms. Patricia (Patty) Mechael

B-9 20.Apr (Thu) 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM

Introduction of the activities of PCHA (Personal Connected Health Alliance) in the world
~ Global standardization of healthcare data ~

*A speech in English will be only about the first 30 minutes.

Dr. Andree Bates

Dr. Andree Bates

B-12 20.Apr (Thu) 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Rethinking Pharma – How AI is Changing the Game

Pharmaceutical marketing used to be comparatively easy. Your product had obvious and significant advantages to those of the competitors, a long patent, easy access to physicians, minimal budgetary constraints and high prices. But then things changed. Not only did the customer change and become more digital savvy, empowered and demanding but so did the pharma landscape itself. The environment has become a lot more difficult for pharmaceutical marketers, especially in Japan. However, in parallel, advances in collecting and analyzing all kinds of data with artificial intelligence have also created competitive advantages to pharma companies that were not available previously. Artificial Intelligence has changed the game all along the value chain from discovery through to sales and marketing providing previously impossible customer understanding and opportunity. We will show how pharma sales and marketing teams are now utilizing AI in unique competitive ways to turbo charge their real world results despite being in a difficult market.

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