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Menu プラチナスポンサー ゴールドスポンサー シルバースポンサー
¥500,000 ¥300,000 ¥150,000
Company Logo Website,Direct Mail,
Sign Board in the Venue
Website Banner Size : W150×H65 pixels
Catalogue Station A4 × 3 spaces
PR Board Panel ×1、catalogue×4(size:A4)
*It’s put around the entrance
  Regstration Bag PR Board
Fee ¥500,000(1Day) ¥200,000
Spot 2spots 5spots
Production 5,000 (1day)
*distributed at the registration counter
*the bags are prepared by sponsor
Panel ×1、catalogue×4(size:A4)
*It’s put around the entrance
Point It is a popular item contributing to blanding of your company. It is an item having high exposure degree set up near the entrance which many visitors gather.
Image イメージ イメージ
  Visitor Badge Visitor Badge Lanyard
Fee ¥500,000 ¥500,000
Spot 1spots 1spots
Production 10,000 10,000
Point Your company name or logo is printed on the visitor badge. Your company name or logo is printed on our official badge lanyards all visitors to wear.
Image イメージ イメージ
  E-Mail Advertising (before event) Homepage Banners
Fee ¥100,000 ¥200,000
Spot 5spots 5spots
Production Number of distribution: 60,000
(3/10 - 4/18)
2/15 – 4/21
Point We send the email to potential visitors you can put the advertising in the text in it. When a visitor visits to the website,they will see your advertising.
Image イメージ イメージ
  Catalogue Station Cafeteria Sponsor
Fee ¥50,000 ¥300,000
Spot 5spots 2spots
Production A4 ×4 spaces (around the entrance) 4/19-21
Point The entrance which many visitors gather is a good distribution point. Many visitors use the Cafeteria during the event.
Image イメージ イメージ



  • ジャパン ライフサイエンスウィーク

  • CPhI Japan
  • ICSE Japan 製薬業界受託サービスエキスポ
  • P-MEC Japan 医薬品原料 機器・装置展
  • BioPh Japan バイオファーマジャパン
  • InnoPack Japan DDS・医薬品包装展
  • ファインケミカルジャパン
  • MEDTEC Japan
  • Electro Med Japan 医療用エレクトロニクス展
  • Smart Health Japan 医療・ICT・在宅医療展
  • Test Kit Japan 検査キット完成品&開発展
  • Care ・Welfare Robot Expo Japan 介護・福祉ロボット開発展



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HealthCare IT 2017
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Tokyo Big Sight East Hall 6
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